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Sign Language Interpreting Services Based in Central Texas

Make communication effective with sign language interpreters/translators from Texas Language Connection. We're based in Axtell, Texas, and serve customers in Waco, Temple, Belton, Killeen and all of Central Texas. Contact us to request the services you need.

Types of Interpreting

• Educational • Medical • Legal • Community

• Educational
• Medical
• Legal
• Community

Our Interpreters

The owners of Texas Language Connection have interpreted for over 30 years. The interpreters who contract with TLC are fluent in English and along the sign continuum from American Sign Language to Signed English and possess a deep understanding of Deaf culture. They adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, always conscious of ethical behavior and confidentiality. Because TLC hires interpreters who are highly trained and experienced in a wide variety of linguistic settings, we are able to effectively bridge any communication gap that might arise between the Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Hearing individuals with whom you interact. We have interpreted for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Oliver Stone, Eli Wiesel, Ben and Jerry from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream as well as in the training rooms of big box stores and for weddings ceremonies. We are able to satisfy your needs also.

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Why Choose Texas Language Connection?

  • Detailed, Accurate Interpreting
  • Experienced, Ethical and Reliable
  • Fair Pricing for Quality Services
  • Exceptional Customer Care

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